Category: Testing

  • Alemtuzumab Approved For Multiple Sclerosis

    The FDA has approved alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) as a treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis. The FDA was careful to cite that use of alemtuzumab was a high-risk option since the drug may cause an increased risk for malignancies, including thyroid cancer, melanoma, lymphoproliferative disorders, neuropathy, which in some instances proved fatal. The medication is also marketed as Campath, which […]

  • Which Hand Is Worse?

    Researchers from Canada have found patients with clinically diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) may not always have their diagnosis confirmed upon electro-diagnostic testing. The results were based upon a review of tests on 252 patients, who were evaluated and then diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Amazingly only 68% of the patients agreed which hand really had carpal tunnel syndrome when their observations […]

  • New Test For Diabetic Neuropathy

    NeuroMetrix recently introduced the NC-stat DPNCheck, which helps diabetics in the early detection, confirmation, and monitoring of diabetic peripheral neuropathy(DPN). DPN affects over 50% of people with diabetes and causes significant morbidity including pain, increased risk of falling, and is the primary trigger for diabetic foot ulcers which may require lower extremity amputations. To prevent […]