New Test For Diabetic Neuropathy

NeuroMetrix recently introduced the NC-stat DPNCheck, which helps diabetics in the early detection, confirmation, and monitoring of diabetic peripheral neuropathy(DPN).

DPN affects over 50% of people with diabetes and causes significant morbidity including pain, increased risk of falling, and is the primary trigger for diabetic foot ulcers which may require lower extremity amputations.

To prevent such serious complications by early detection, DPNCheck measures the standard biomarkers for DPN such as sural nerve conduction velocity and amplitude  in a cost-effective manner at the point-of-care.

Physicians often under-diagnose diabetic peripheral neuropathy, leading to missed opportunities to intervene at an early enough stage to control the damage.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends diabetics to have annual screening and monitoring for possible DPN.

Currently the most widely used DPN detection tool is the 5.07/10g monofilament, which only identifies late stage neuropathy.

NC-stat | DPNCheck offers:

  • Fast, accurate and quantitative test that may be used to evaluate systemic neuropathies such as DPN
  • May aid in the early detection, confirmation, and monitoring of DPN
  • Measures sural nerve conduction velocity and response amplitude – standard biomarkers for asymptomatic and
    clinical DPN
  • Sensitive and specific for DPN, and predictive of its complications
  • Straightforward clinical interpretation
  • Compact and ergonomic hand-held device designed for ease-of-use
  • Single patient use biosensors
  • Cost effective

For more information go the NeuroMatrix website.





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