Acupuncture as treatment for neuropathy

Acupuncture isn’t suitable as the primary treatment for neuropathy, yet some claim acupuncture helps in certain cases. The following are resources on dealing with the symptoms, not a cure for, of peripheral or diabetic neuropathy.

An acupuncture clinic in Sacramento, California claims acupuncture can successfully relieve the symptoms of some cases.

Peripheral Neuropathy and Acupuncture

“Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that I have treated successfully maybe more often than any other condition discussed on my website. I have probably performed over 3000 treatments for peripheral neuropathy. I can say that in most cases it responds well to acupuncture–though there have been a few people I have been unable to help.”

A neurologist in the Oregon Health and Science University Brain Institute, who sees patients with headache and pain symptoms in the Neurology Wellness Clinic, has the following commentary about using acupuncture for neuropathy.

Acupuncture and diet changes to treat neuropathic pain

“Recently we examined the evidence for acupuncture in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. We systematically reviewed 46 clinical trials and included 13 qualifying randomized controlled trials of acupuncture against sham acupuncture or standard medical therapy and concluded that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, Bell’s palsy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it is most likely effective for the treatment of HIV-related neuropathy.”

Treating Peripheral Neuropathy with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

“In a study of 46 diabetic patients with PN, 34 of them reported a significant improvement in their symptoms after six courses of acupuncture treatment, and only eight of them required further sessions. However, only seven of the 34 had complete relief of their symptoms.”

Can acupuncture be used to relieve the pain of peripheral neuropathy in feet not associated with diabetes?

“The short answer to your question is yes, acupuncture can help relieve the pain of peripheral neuropathy. This common disorder stems from damage to the peripheral nerves, especially those that branch out through the arms, legs, fingers and toes. Symptoms include weakness, numbness, tingling, and burning or painful sensations.”

Acupuncture treatment improves nerve conduction in peripheral neuropathy

“Sixteen patients (76%) in the acupuncture group improved symptomatically and objectively as measured by nerve conduction study, while only four patients in the control group (15%) did so….The data suggest that there is a positive effect of acupuncture on peripheral neuropathy of undefined etiology[origin] as measured by objective parameters.”

Fifteen-day Acupuncture Treatment Relieves Diabetic Painful Neuropathy

“Our pilot study has shown that the effects of acupuncture treatment on subjective symptoms as well as other measures of nerve function provide evidence that acupuncture, a form of alternative medicine, may be clinically useful for the radical treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.”

Role of acupuncture in the management of diabetic painful neuropathy

“We have demonstrated the practicality and feasibility of acupuncture as an additional treatment for people with diabetic painful neuropathy. The treatment was well tolerated with no appreciable side effects.”

Acupuncture Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in an American Indian Community

“Diabetic peripheral neuropathy(DPN) develops in 30% of type 2 diabetes patients, increases the risk for foot ulcers and amputation, and is a significant source of disability and medical costs…Acupuncture may effectively ameliorate selected DPN symptoms in these American Indian patients.”