Thoughts on problems children with neuropathy face in school and everyday life.

Although neuropathy, or nerve damage, is often associated with diabetes, it can strike a person at any age. Farah Musallam wrote an article, 9 Things Parents of Kids With Neuromuscular Diseases Wish Teachers Understood, about how best to cope when kids have neurological issues as they enter or return to school. She writes, “As we start […]

Exercise for neuropathy sufferers can help deal with pain

Exercise can help manage the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. While the uncomfort won’t go away, staying active as much as possible serves to keep the body and mind sharp. Fitness Expert, Jennifer Bayliss in, answers the question, “I have diabetes-related neuropathy and I’m a little afraid to exercise because of it. Can you give […]

Recent article claims essential oils can provide relief for nerve pain

Suffer from nerve pain? These 18 essential oils could provide some relief. An article in , with the subtitle, 18 Best Essential Oils For Nerve Pain, has a wonderful graphic about the essential oils. The oils mentioned include: Balsam Fir Bergamot Black pepper Black spruce Clary sage Clove Eucalyptus Frankincense Geranium Ginger Helichrysum Lavender […]