Colostronin may useful in treating neurodegenerative diseases characterized by an overactive immune system, such as nerve neuropathy.

Colostrinin’s potential as a cognitive enhancer is already well-known.

Colostrum, the first milk produced by a mother after her child is born, is a rich source of beneficial components, including immunological factors, anti-inflammatory factors, gastrointestinal health factors, growth factors, antioxidant and anti-aging factors.

As colostrum is mother’s milk, the first meal a baby has in this world, it is a natural product without the dangerous side effects common to artificial pharmaceuticals, and has been used for thousands of years for its health-promoting benefits.

Derived from colostrum, which is present in the pre-milk fluid produced from mammary glands in the first few days after parturition, colostrinin is a member of the proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) family.

PRPs immunological function relate to their ability to modulate and stabilize many biological processes in the body including cytokine and immune activity.

The immune-modulating factor makes colostronin effective in treating diseases such nerve neuropathy, because it suppresses over-active immune systems that attack the fatty coverings of nerve fibers.





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