Notable People With ALS

Lou Gehrig’s disease, scientifically known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), is a often deadly form of motor neuropathy that received wide-spread fame when Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with it in the 1930’s

Eighty years later ALS has gained notoriety again with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which many celebrities have taken part in.

People With ALS:

  1. Abrashkin, Raymond (1911-1960)
    Author of “Little Fugitive”
  2. Afonso, Zeca (1929-1987)
    Portuguese folk singer and anti-fascist politician
  3. Bailey, Derek (1930-2005)
    British avant-garde guitar virtuoso
  4. Becker, Jason (1969-present)
    American guitar virtuoso; official website; documentary: “Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet”
  5. Blake, Patty (1957-present)
    Blogger – Ok, so far
  6. Borgonovo, Stefano (1964-2013)
    Italian football player; Fondazione Stefano Borgonovo
  7. Borsellino, Rob (1949-2006)
    Des Moines Register columnist; author of “So I’m talkin’ to This Guy…”
  8. Brazil, Scott (1955-2006)
    Producer and director of Hill Street Blues, The Shield, among other shows
  9. Brigance, O. J. (1969-present)
    NFL player; founder of Brigance Brigade foundation
  10. Browne, Harry (1933-2006)
    Best-selling author of “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” and “Fail-Safe Investing”; Libertarian candidate for U.S. presidency (1996 & 2000)
  11. Byer, Ben (1971-2008)
    Actor and playwright featured in the documentary film “Indestructible”
  12. Cellucci, Paul (1948-2013)
    Governor of Massachusetts; Cellucci Fund foundation
  13. Charles, Ezzard (1921-1975)
    Boxer: former world heavyweight champion
  14. Cheshire, Leonard (1917-1992)
    Notable RAF pilot and Victoria Cross recipient; founder of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity; “Cheshire: The Biography”
  15. Collins, Sid (1922-1977)
    Radio voice of the Indianapolis 500; born Sidney Cahn Jr.
  16. Coscioni, Luca (1967-2006)
    Italian researcher and activist; founder of Luca Coscioni Foundation (Italian) for ALS research
  17. Cunningham, Angie (1972-present)
    Australian tennis professional; on Facebook Laugh To Cure MND
  18. Daniher, Neale (1961-present)
    Former AFL player (Essendon) & coach (Melbourne); active in MND Charity Sunday
  19. Day, Dennis (1916-1988)
    Singer, comedian, actor
  20. Dengler, Dieter (1938-2001)
    Vietnam era Air Force pilot who escaped from POW camp
  21. Doxiadis, Constantinos (1914-1975)
    Greek architect, urban planner and visionary
  22. Drury, John (1927-2007)
    Longtime ABC Chicago news anchor
  23. du Cloux, Fokko (1954-2006)
    Mathematician and computer scientist
  24. Edwards, Bruce (1954-2004)
    PGA Tour caddy for Tom Watson; Bruce Edwards Foundation; biography: “Caddy for Life”
  25. Estess, Jenifer (1963-2003)
    Theatre producer; star of HBO Three Sisters; co-founder Project ALS; her story – “Tales from the Bed: A Memoir”
  26. Finney, Hal (1956-2014)
    Developer of Astroblast, Space Attack; bitcoin pioneer
  27. Fontanarrosa, Roberto (1944-2007)
    Argentine cartoonist and writer; author of “Puro fútbol”
  28. Frates, Pete (1984-present)
    Founder of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; Pete Frates #3 Fund
  29. Gehrig, Lou (1903-1941)
    Hall of Fame baseball player, after whom the disease is commonly known; “Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig”; (movie) – “The Pride Of The Yankees”
  30. Glatzer, Steve (1952-2015)
    Wrote and directed the Julianne Moore film “Still Alice” – biography
  31. Gleason, Steve (1977-present)
    NFL player and founder of Team Gleason
  32. Harrison, Marc (1936-1998)
    Designer of Cuisinart
  33. Hart, Kevin “Pro” (1928-2006)
    Australian “outback” painter; website
  34. Hawking, Stephen (1942-present)
    Theoretical physicist and author of “A Brief History of Time”; website; movie – “Hawking”
  35. Haymes, Bob (1923-1989)
    Actor, singer, pianist and songwriter of “That’s All”
  36. Heywood, Stephen (1969-2006)
    Subject of the DVD “So Much So Fast” and the book “His Brother’s Keeper”
  37. Hilgenberg, Wally (1942-2008)
    Former NFL player; video interview
  38. Hunter, Jim “Catfish” (1946-1999)
    Hall of Fame pitcher; his autobiography “Catfish: My Life in Baseball”; Hunter ALS foundation
  39. Imber, Jon (1951-2014)
    Renowned painter and Harvard professor of art; obituary; video interview
  40. Immendorff, Jörg (1945-2007)
    Controversial German painter and sculptor
  41. Javits, Jacob (1904-1986)
    4-term U.S. Senator; “Javits: The Autobiography of a Public Man”
  42. Johnstone, Jimmy (1944-2006)
    Scottish international footballstar
  43. Judt, Tony (1948-2010)
    British historian, best known for “Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945”
  44. Keller, Hans (1919-1985)
    Austrian-born British musicologist and music critic
  45. Kıraç, Suna (1941-present)
    Turkish businesswoman and philanthropist
  46. Ledbetter, Huddie (1888-1949)
    Blues singer and guitarist better known as Lead Belly
  47. Mingus, Charles (1922-1979)
    Jazz bass player; official website
  48. Montgomery, Glenn (1967-1988 )
    NFL football player; founder of Glenn Montgomery foundation
  49. Nieto, Augustine “Augie” (1958-present)
    Fitness guru and founder of Augie’s Quest FoundationBlog
  50. Niven, David (1910-1983)
    Actor; Oscar emcee; author of “Moon’s a Balloon” and “Bring on the empty horses”
  51. Nowak, Krzysztof (1975-2005)
    Polish football star
  52. Olney, Richard (1947-2012)
    Neurologist; ALS physician and researcher
  53. Osborn, Sidney (1884-1948)
    Former four-term governor of Arizona
  54. Park, Neon (born Muller, Martin) (1940-1993)
    American graphic artist noted for music album covers
  55. Porcaro, Mike (1955-present)
    Bassist for the band Toto; founder Porcaro Charity Fund
  56. Platt, Polly (1939-2011)
    Film producer, production designer and screenwriter
  57. Pretty, Diane (1958-2002)
    British “right to die” advocate
  58. Revie, Don (1927-1989)
    English football player and manager
  59. Rosenzweig, Franz (1886-1929)
    Philosopher and religious thinker
  60. Sadie,Stanley (1930-2005)
    Editor of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
  61. Sadowski, Ed (1931-1993)
    Baseball catcher and coach
  62. Schwartz, Morrie (1916-1995)
    Subject of “Tuesdays with Morrie”
  63. Sendic, Raúl (1926-1989)
    Uruguayan Marxist and leader of the Tupamaros
  64. Shaw, Tim (1984-present)
    NFL football player; video announcement
  65. Signorini, Gianluca (1960-2002)
    Italian football player
  66. Smith, Lane (1936-2005)
    Actor best known as Perry White in “Lois & Clark”
  67. Smith, Steve (1964-present)
    Former NFL member of Oakland Raiders; subject of “Real Sports(episode 161)”
  68. Stone, Jon (1931-1997)
    Co-creator of Sesame Street
  69. Taylor, Maxwell D. (1901-1987)
    Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  70. Toler, Dan (1948-2013)
    Guitarist for Allman Brothers Band among others
  71. Thomas, Orlando (1972-2014)
    Former NFL player
  72. Trethowan, Ian (1922-1990)
    Director-general of the BBC
  73. Turner, Kevin (1969-present)
    Former NFL player and founder of Kevin Turner Foundation
  74. Valastro, Mary (1948-present)
    Reality TV star, founder of MommaMaryFoundation
  75. Walford, Roy (1924-2004)
  76. Wallace, Henry (1888-1965)
    33rd Vice President of the U.S.
  77. Wedemeyer, Charlie (1946-2010)
    Former athlete and coach; motivational speaker
  78. van der Westhuizen, Joost (1971-present)
    Former SA rugby player; founder J9 Foundation
  79. Yardley, George (1928-2004)
    First NBA player to score 2,000 points in a season
  80. Zaslow, Michael (1942-1998)
    Actor known for role in Guiding Light
  81. Zedong, Mao (1893-1976)
    Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party