Cell Phone Elbow

Holding a cell phone for long times with a bent elbow can lead to a condition called “cell-phone elbow,” but scientifically known as cubital tunnel syndrome.

Victims often experience numbness and tingling along the little finger and part of the ring finger. The effects can even lead to weakness of grip and, rarely, wasting of the hand muscles.

Technically cubital tunnel syndrome, a.k.a. ulnar nerve entrapment, is defined as a chronic neuropathy (“nerve disease”) of the ulnar nerve, which is one of the three main nerves going down the arm.

The ulnar nerve itself passes directly under what is commonly referred to as the “funny bone.” That makes the nerve especially susceptible to damage when bent and could result in sensory, motor or mixed neuropathy

Most commonly seen in adults, cubital tunnel syndrome affects twice as many men as women.

Only a qualified physician can diagnose this disorder, but do seek medical advice because in some extreme cases surgery may be needed to correct it.

Simply switching the arm holding the cell phone or using a hands-free Bluetooth earpiece will help prevent undue stress on the elbow.

For more details on the cell-phone syndrome, refer to the article by Dr. Peter J. Evans.


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