Exercise for neuropathy sufferers can help deal with pain

Exercise can help manage the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. While the uncomfort won’t go away, staying active as much as possible serves to keep the body and mind sharp. Fitness Expert, Jennifer Bayliss in Everydayhealth.com, answers the question, “I have diabetes-related neuropathy and I’m a little afraid to exercise because of it. Can you give […]

Can legalized marijuana use help relieve pain from neuropathy?

Photo credit: Mary Pahlke The proposals for legalized marijuana use in the 2016 elections garnered wide support according to CULTURE magazine. “Another election has come and gone, and no matter which way you voted, it is clear that cannabis came out on top, winning seven of the nine initiatives on the ballot, with another one too close […]

Topical ambroxol possible treatment of neuropathic pain

Recent research from Europe indicates the potent cough syrup ingredient ambroxol could be effective in alleviating neuropathic pain when used as a cream applied to the skin. The German scientists concluded that, “[Ambroxol] is therefore considered to be a useful, simple concept for pain management with few side effects. In the case reports presented in […]