Magnesium For Nerveneuropathy

The One Essential Mineral For Nerve Growth Researchers have found magnesium supplements have actually aided in regrowing damaged nerve cells. They performed scientific tests where mice were split into three groups and fed low, normal or high-magnesium diets. The mice given food with magnesium supplements displayed marked improvement in neurobehavioral abilities electrophysiological functions enhanced signs of nerve regeneration reduced deposits… Continue reading Magnesium For Nerveneuropathy

Alcoholic Neuropathy

Up to half of all long-term heavy alcohol users develop alcoholic neuropathy. Alcoholism makes the body unable to use or store certain vitamins and minerals such as thiamine (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), pantothenic acid and biotin, vitamin B12, folic acid, niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin A. Damage to nerves from alcoholic neuropathy is usually… Continue reading Alcoholic Neuropathy

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Toasted Bread and Neuropathy

Eating too much toasted bread and french fries may lead to neuropathy. Foods prepared at high temperatures via frying, grilling or toasting can result in the formation of a substance called acrylamide and scientific studies have proven that long-term exposure to small doses of acrylamide causes nerve damage in the extremities. Potential symptoms of overexposure… Continue reading Toasted Bread and Neuropathy